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I feel just like I'm sinking

And I claw for solid ground

I'm pulled down by the undertow

Never thought I could feel so low 

20.9.06 18:29

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Never finding me
Never never never XxXxX 

19.9.06 21:32

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Feels like the weight of the ::w:o:r:l:d::
Like all my ::s:c:r:e:a:m:i:n:g:: has gone unheard
And oh I know you don't ::b:e:l:i:e:v:e:: in me
Safe in the ::d:a:r:k::, how can you see?
Freefall, freefall, all trough ::l:i:f:e:: . . .

18.9.06 13:51

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oO I don't want to feel anymore for you Oo

17.9.06 10:53

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Guess it wasn't real after all
Guess it wasn't real all along 

16.9.06 21:43

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18.11.06- ich hab Karten

15.9.06 16:16

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I lit my pain on fire
And watched it all burn down
Now I'm dancing in the ashes
And there's no one else around

15.9.06 15:41

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